GG - cast iron with laminated graphite

Grey cast iron

(laminated graphite)

Specified for highly exacting cast stock of part of shaping machinery, glass machinery, hydraulic and vacuum devices, textile machinery, compressors.
Materials according to EN 1561 unalloyed and low-alloyed.
  GGG - cast iron with spheroid graphite

Nodular cast iron

(spheroid graphite)

Employs for highly exacting cast stock, solidity and dynamically effortful, security section different mechanical arrangement.
Materials according to EN 1563, EN 13 835 for austenitic nodular cast iron.
Special cast iron

Special cast iron

Exploited in the area casts extremely effortful glow, abrasion, strokes under low temperatures, in chemically aggressive environment.
Alloyed Mo, Ni, Si, Ti, V.

Other products

We're produce and able adjust simple modelling arrangement. Support working casts, surface completing adjustment, assembly general put together.
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