History and today

Dear business friends,
let us introduce our foundry as traditional producer of glass moulds, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron to you.

Our foundry will be a part of state enterprise Sklostroj before privatisation in 1997. Sklostroj is international producer glass moulds together EMHARD, BDF, HEYE. Our foundry produce casts for hydraulic part, pneumatic part, highly stress mechanical part of glass machine. We deliver glass mould's sets made from BT3 material, that goes without saying. BT3 material have been bought under licence from English company BRK along with glass mould production technology.

From 1999 the foundry has been focused on production of commercial cast delivery (pices, small series, middle series) with maximization of focus on the customer and his deadline and quality requirements.

New forming unit FORMTEC Air Impec (air sand shooting with coining) be instaled in same year. This unit support increasing of production capacity (three-shift working) and moulding precision. Employee's physical effort was cutting down on, working environment was better and productivity of labour substantial improved. The forming unit use drags 650 x 550 x 150 / 150 a 650 x 550 x 150 / 200.
New automatic core shooting machine with COLD-BOX technology be installed in the next time. This machine makes it possible production of very shape and solidity exacting core. In 2003 has been instaled new mid-frequency furnace ABB (capacity 1000 kg) which replaced cupola furnace. New furnace support increasing of melting capacity, delivery time was cut short and production quality was improve.

The automatical preparing machine for COLD-BOX core and automatic shooting machine for production of core (capacity 25l) was installed in 2005. It was make presumption for next product's inovation, change produce complicated cast, part increasing products with more highly added value and by it improvement of all-European marketplace. The foundry are thin-walled casting with minimum material's cost and cost of finish.
Maintenance level of added value through rice in price of base materials It will be enable next investment in enterprise development and maintenance of company profitability. In 2005 was installed information system OPTI v.7. The IS cover production management, order management, marketing, purchase, stock control, technology, etc. This IS enabled us improve of production planning and control.

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Our foundry has own capacities for produce and repair of pattern (wood, epoxy and steel). We cooperate with some patter shop in Turnov and neighbourhood.

Moulding and core room

Type of forming Drags Cast weight Series
Manual moulding Max. 1500x2000x1200 c. 0,5 - 600 kg (GG)
c. 0,5 - 600 kg (GGG)
1 - 20 piece
Mechanical moulding
avg. 650/150
0,5 - 50 kg 10 - 100 piece
Forming unit
650x550x150 (200) 0,5 - 70 kg 50 - 1000 piece

  • - automatic carousel shooting machine COLD-BOX, BICOR system, 15L core
  • - automatic shooting machine COLD-BOX, KSA system, 25L core
  • - automatical preparing of core sand, LÜBER system
  • - BGT amine automatical washer
  • - handmade core for ALFA-SET system

Smelting plant
  • - 2 mid-frequency furnace, capacity 500 kg
  • - 1 mid-frequency furnace ABB, capacity 1000 kg
  • - 1 electrical forehearth - capacity 9000 kg

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Quality assurance and management

For quality assurance cast's production is executing control of molten metal by spectral analyser OBLF GS 1000 before casting.
We have testing laboratories (chemical, mechanical and sand). Metallographical laboratory make chemical analysis delivered materials and samples for commercial purposes. Cast production proces is control by internal quality management system from demand, order, over the cast production after as much as delivery. The internal quality management system coming out of ISO 9001.


We offer to deliver:

1. Surface treated
  • - colouring (oxide red RAL 3009)
  • - spray painting (jet black RAL 9005)
  • - oil spray painting
  • - anticorrosive sheet with corrosion inhibitor
  • - zincing
  • - hardening
  • - annealing
  • - atc.

2. Packing
  • - EUR pallets
  • - customer's steel and wood empties
  • - empties non returnable (wood pallets 1200 x 800)

3. Transit
  • - yourself product transit
  • - we manage product transit

Dressing, assembly

Our company provide under working casts, surface completing adjustment or assembly overall put together, according to consumer's graphical documentation.

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